Alice in Wonderland | Staff

Circus Direction
Maria Remneva
Artistic Direction and Choreography Yuliia Sakharova and Oleksandr Sakharov

Produced by LIGHT CAN DANCE | Ditributed by Mauro Giannelli Tuscany Italy

Alice in Wonderland RELOADED, based on Lewis Carrol’s 1865 fantasy novel, is here reworked in its aesthetic structure by the creatives of the Circus-Theatre Elysium in Kyiv.
With a cast of 25 dancers and acrobats, the Company offers a futuristic and exhilarating stage adaptation that enriches the narrative line of the original story.

It is in this dimension, of colors, shapes and pressing melodies, that Alice’s journey takes place.
She travels through the imaginary places of fantasy and meets the bizarre characters that populate them and it is right here, in the vision, that the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and the White Queen become magnificent and real.
Alice’s story is further embellished through a love affair: the girl falls in love with Prince Charming. They will have to deal with insurmountable obstacles! Will they be able to overcome adversity?
This sophisticated and elegant artistic project, celebrated throughout the world, will be capable of narrating the dreamlike by intertwining multiple disciplines: contemporary circus, acrobatic gymnastics, acting and dance.

Alice in Wonderland | Staff

Maria Remneva | Circus Direction

General director of the prestigious National Circus of Ukraine. With over 20 years of experience in the circus arts, Maria Remneva is considered a true icon of the industry.
During his
In her career, she has demonstrated exceptional talent by earning numerous awards.

Among these, the gold medal won in the international competition of circus artists in Paris stands out, a demonstration of her extraordinary ability and her
unwavering dedication.
She not only conquered the Parisian scene, but also the “Gold Elephant” prize in the prestigious international competition of circus artists in Moscow. This award represents one of the highest recognitions in the contemporary circus sector.
She also received a silver medal during the International Latin Festival, highlighting her ability to adapt to different circus styles and traditions.
With her vast experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, Maria is an extraordinary leader for the National Circus of Ukraine. Under her direction, the circus continues to amaze audiences with unique and unforgettable shows.

Yuliia Sakharova | Artistic Direction and Choreography

Yuliia Sakharova, a talented artist and choreographer of great prestige. Thanks to her extraordinary artistic skills and unique vision.
One of her most significant collaborations was with the National Circus of Ukraine, where she created breathtaking dance performances that thrilled audiences around the world.

Her work has been applauded by critics and has received numerous awards for her innovation and craftsmanship.
Yuliia Sakharova was also the choreographer of prestigious international sporting events. She brought her magic touch to the opening ceremony of the European Youth Olympic Festival, creating an engaging spectacle that celebrated athletic spirit and cultural diversity.
Not only that, she has also collaborated with major children’s festivals, including the “Burabay summer fest”, creating choreographies that have captured the imagination of young spectators and transported them to a world of magic and fun.
Yuliia Sakharova has demonstrated her versatility by creating extraordinary dance performances for circus shows around the world. From Italy to Moldova, from the United Arab Emirates to Belarus, from Azerbaijan to Georgia and Turkey, she has left her mark with her flawless and engaging dance miniatures.
Her career is a reflection of her extraordinary talent, dedication and passion for the art of dance.

Oleksandr Sakharov | Artistic Direction and Choreography

Oleksandr Sakharov is the renowned artistic director and choreographer of Circus-Theater Elysium, which has successfully performed throughout the European and Asian continents.
Thanks to his experience and academic training as a dancer, Sakharov has developed a unique sensitivity in movement, both for solo figures and for the ensemble.

Among the numerous shows in which he participated, we can mention his involvement as a dancer in the popular television program Star Academy in Beirut, Lebanon, he collaborated as a dancer at the opening ceremony of the XXIII summer Deaflympics in Turkey, at the “Kelly’s Family Christmas tour” in Germany, where he fascinated the public with his extraordinary technique and his innate elegance.
Furthermore, he participated in the “BEN HUR Live” project of the Art Concert company, which undertook a very successful European tour.